Excellent job!

Richard was professional and reassuring through the entire process, explaining my options and calming me down right away on the first phone call. After talking to two other attorneys I was absolutely convinced that Richard was the attorney I trusted to handle my case. He was in touch with me throughout the disposition of the case, advising me step by step as to what I should be doing to assist my case. When others who were in a similar situation heard what he was doing, what I most often heard was "my lawyer didn't tell me that" or "man, I should have done that!" The phone call I received from Richard telling me he had reduced my DUI to reckless driving was one of the most relieved moments of my life. The process went exactly as he had described from start to finish, and he was always optimistic and upbeat while always being clear about what he could promise and what was out of his control. The one or two times I had a worry or a question he was a quick phone call or email away and answered my questions completely, explaining what I was worried about or what I didn't know. All told, I am very happy that I selected Richard to handle my case personally, and definitely feel like I got maximum value for my retainer. I would not hesitate to recommend him or to hire him again - although I trust I will never again need his services!

– B.R.

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