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Pierce County, Georgia Court Information

Pierce County Superior Court

If you have been charged with a felony, you will appear before Pierce County Superior Court. Furthermore, if you are charged with a misdemeanor or traffic violation but request a jury trial, you will be transferred to Pierce Superior Court.

Pierce County is part of the Waycross Judicial Circuit. There are six judges on the circuit that rotate through multiple counties. Honorable Dwayne H. Gillis is the Chief Judge for the Waycross Judicial Circuit and his office can be reached at 912-384-0587. The following Judges are also on the circuit: Jeffrey Kight, J. Kelly Brooks, Andrew C. Spivey, Clarence D. Blount, and Mike DeVane. For other superior court information, call the Clerk of Superior Court, Thomas W. Sauls at 912-449-2020. The Superior Court is located at 312 Nichols Street, Blackshear, Georgia 31516.

Pierce County State Court

Pierce County State Court handles all traffic violations that occur in the county but occur outside of Blackshear and Patterson. Judge Franklin D. Rozier, Jr. officiates Pierce County State Court. The address is 312 Nichols Street, Blackshear, Georgia 31516 and the State Court phone number is 912-449-2022

Blackshear Municipal Court

All cases that involve traffic violations occurring in Blackshear will go before Blackshear Municipal Court. Judge Doug Gibson presides over Blackshear Municipal Court. Blackshear Municipal Court is located at 219 Nichols Street, Blackshear, Georgia 31516. For any questions about your ticket, contact the court at 912-449-7011.

Patterson Municipal Court

Traffic violation tickets that occur in Patterson will go before Patterson Municipal Court. The Judge for Patterson Municipal Court is the Honorable Jim McGee. The address for the court is 5535 Gardner Street, Patterson, Georgia 31557. The phone number is 912-647-5776.

Pierce County, Georgia Superior Court

Pierce County, Georgia State Court

Blackshear Municipal Court

Patterson Municipal Court

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