Fraud Crimes

Fraud Crimes in Georgia

Fraud crimes in Georgia cover a multitude of topics from giving the wrong name to a police officer to identity theft to computer trespass. The most common types of fraud in Georgia are credit and debit card theft. With the increase in debit card use over the past years, more and more people are having their personal information compromised.

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Fraud Crimes in Georgia Include:  

Aggravated Identity Fraud: Occurs when a person uses another person's information in order to get a job.

Computer Forgery: Occurs when a person creates, alters, or deletes data on a computer system

Computer Invasion of Privacy: Occurs when a person uses a computer with the intent to access another's personal information without their permission.

Computer Password Disclosure: Occurs when someone reveals the password to a computer that results in damage to the owner of the computer.

Computer Theft: Occurs when a person uses a computer without permission to take, obtain, or convert property for his or her own use.

Computer Trespass: Occurs when a person knowingly and without authority deletes, obstructs, or alters another person's computer.

Deceptive Business Practices: Occurs when a person participates in misleading procedures in their business.

Deposit Account Fraud: Occurs when a person writes a check on an account that has insufficient funds to cover the check

False Report of a Crime: Occurs when a person knowingly gives a false report of a crime to a law enforcement officer.

False Statement to Police: Occurs when a person knowingly gives a false statement to a law enforcement officer.

Financial Transaction Card Fraud: Occurs when a person knowingly uses another person's debit or credit card with the intent to defraud.

Financial Transaction Card Theft: Occurs when a person takes a credit or debit card from another without their consent.

Giving a False Name: Occurs when a person gives the wrong name to a law enforcement officer.

Identity Fraud: Occurs when a person uses another's personal information without their permission.

Penalty for a Conviction for Fraud Crimes in Georgia

A conviction for fraud crimes generally comes with a prison term. While each crime and case is different, that is the general outcome. The fine amount varies from case to case.

However, another penalty that could be awarded by the Court is for the defendant to pay restitution to the victim. Restitution is where the defendant reimburses the victim for any expenses that resulted from the crime committed against them. It could include the cost of paying for the stolen items or for pain and suffering caused by your actions.

Defenses to Fraud Crimes in Georgia

While each crimes has specific defenses that apply to it; there are some defenses that generally apply to fraud crimes in Georgia including:

Consent: If you had permission from the owner of the property to use the card or the computer or their personal information, then a crime has not been committed. However, there must be evidence that showing that you had the authority.

Lack of Evidence: There must be sufficient evidence tying you to the fraudulent acts. If there is not enough evidence or it is insufficient to show you committed a crime, then you cannot be found guilty.

Unintentional: Many fraud crimes require that the criminal act be done intentionally or knowingly. If the action was done accidentally and there is evidence to support this, then you may not be guilty of a crime.

This is not an extensive list of the defenses that could be used in your case. These are just some of the defenses your Fraud Attorney in Georgia will evaluate to see if they apply. Every case is different and our Georgia Fraud Lawyers will work with you to provide the best defense. That is why it is vital to call a Georgia Fraud Attorney at Lawson and Berry to speak with them about your specific case.

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Fraud crimes can be highly technical and difficult to navigate on your own. You need an Attorney who understands the consequences a conviction will have on your future. Your Georgia Fraud Attorney will investigate all the details surrounding your case and evaluate your options. They will be available all the time to you – even nights and weekends – because your case is important. Lawson and Berry and their team of Lawyers will work with you to fight your charge and avoid a conviction. Call today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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