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Have You Been Charged with Driving on a Suspended License in Georgia?

People get their license suspended for a number of reasons. While it is supposed to stop people from driving, many choose to take the risk and continue to drive. This is a very dangerous choice because the penalties are severe. If you or a loved one has been charged with driving with a suspended license, you need an experienced Georgia Suspended License Lawyer.

Driving with a Suspended License

O.C.G.A. §40-5-121 details the consequences of driving with a suspended license. Generally, this charge comes as a result of a roadblock or after being stopped for another traffic violation. In addition to the initial offense, you may then receive another ticket for driving with a suspended license. 

There are two cases when charged with driving on a suspended license: the Georgia Department of Driver's Services case and the traffic case. It is essential that you hire a Georgia Suspended License Attorney as soon as you have received the ticket. Action must be taken immediately to help you obtain the best result!

The first step is getting your license reinstated from the first case. This may include paying old tickets or taking a Defensive Driving Class or other requirements. The next step is the court process. After getting your license reinstated, our license suspension attorneys in Georgia will work towards the dismissal or reduction of your pending suspended license charge. That is the key! Once we get the charge dismissed or reduced, then you will not have a suspended license anymore.

The Penalty for Driving with a Suspended License in Georgia

A first conviction for driving on a suspended license will be a misdemeanor. Pleading guilty or nolo contendere will result in the accused being fingerprinted and subject to between two days and twelve months in jail, and a fine between $500 and $1,000.

For a second or third conviction within five years, the offense will be treated as a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature. The punishment will increase to between ten days or twelve months in jail and a fine between $1,000.00 and $2,500.00

A fourth or subsequent conviction will result in a felony conviction. The punishment will include a prison term between one and five years, a fine between $2,500.00 and $5,000.00, or both. Furthermore, felony convictions have consequences that extend beyond fines and jail time. Having a felony on your record can make it difficult to obtain housing, credit, or employment.

However, you will also face additional punishment from the Department of Driver's Services. If convicted of driving on a suspended license, the Department will extend the period of suspension by six months. After the six months has concluded, the accused must pay the reinstatement fee. For a first conviction, the reinstatement fee is $210.00 or $200.00 if paid by mail. For a second conviction, the reinstatement fee is $310.00 or $300.00 if paid by mail. For a third or subsequent conviction within a five year period, the cost is $410.00 or $400.00 if paid by mail.

People get into trouble because they end up in a vicious cycle where they keep getting time added onto their suspension and find themselves unable to get out of it.

How to Avoid License Suspensions in Georgia

While we want to help you if you receive a ticket for driving without a license, we also want you to understand how to avoid these charges from the start:

    • Do not drive if you do not have insurance! Call an Uber, a friend, a family member. Just do not take the risk and drive.
    • Pay your tickets. You may think that it is not a big deal if you let a ticket go unpaid, but the Department of Driver Services has the authority to suspend your license.
    • Always hire a lawyer! Having your driver's license suspended is a common penalty for traffic violations. However, if you hire a Georgia Criminal Attorney no matter the crime, we will help you think through your options. We will consider what is best for you now and in your future.
    • Do not drive on a suspended license. To avoid the cycle of having another six months added to your suspension, don't drive!

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While driving on a suspended license may seem like a minor offense, it can turn into a big deal if you are not careful. Our team of Georgia License Suspension Attorneys can help drivers like you get their licenses back! We understand the importance of being able to drive, and we will work diligently to stop the never-ending cycle of having a suspended license in Georgia. You have options so call our office now.

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