Hijacking an Aircraft

Have You Been Charged With Hijacking an Aircraft in Georgia?

Georgia treats theft crimes very seriously and heavily penalize them. Whether it is shoplifting, theft by deception, or the hijacking of an aircraft, there are specific statutes relating to each offense. When charged with a theft crime, it is crucial to the success of your case to hire a Georgia Attorney that is experienced in criminal defense. A general practitioner will not have the expertise you need to be successful. The Hijacking Attorneys in Georgia at Lawson and Berry exclusively practice criminal defense. They have over 50 years of combined experienced and are ready to assist with your case now.

What is Hijacking an Aircraft in Georgia?

According to O.C.G.A. §16-5-44, a person can be guilty of aircraft hijacking in two ways. The first way is when a person uses force to place a pilot in fear of immediate serious injury to himself or another and causes the aircraft to be diverted from its intended destination. It instead proceeds to a destination dictated by the accused. The second way of hijacking a plane occurs when the person uses intimidation through threats or by coercion and places the pilot in fear of immediate serious injury to himself or another. It also requires that the aircraft is diverted to a new location specified by the accused.

What is Penalty for Hijacking an Aircraft in Georgia?

A person convicted of hijacking an airplane in Georgia shall be punished by death or life in prison.

Because of the severity of the punishment, you should only trust an experienced criminal defense attorney with your case. Our Georgia Hijacking an Airplane Lawyers are your best option for achieving a favorable outcome in your case.

Defenses to Hijacking an Airplane in Georgia

The fear was not of immediate bodily injury: If the victim was afraid of severe bodily injury in the future but not an instantaneous injury, then that will be not enough to be convicted of hijacking. You could still be guilty of another crime though.

Innocence: If you have an alibi or witness testimony that can support a claim of your innocence, your Georgia Hijacking Attorney could use that to help obtain your acquittal.

Mistaken identity: Because of the stress involved with the situation, you may have been wrongfully charged with the crime. Maybe you look like the actual culprit. Whatever it may be, if you were not the person who committed the offense, you need a Georgia Hijacking an Aircraft Attorney.

What are Not Defenses to Airplane Hijacking in Georgia?

No force was used: The statute states that even threats will be enough to sustain a conviction. While the use of force is one way to violate the law, threats or intimidation through coercion will be sufficient.

There was no injury: There does not have to be an injury for hijacking. However, the victim must be in fear of immediate serious bodily injury.

The redirect was not far from the intended destination: It does not matter how far or how close the new location is from the intended place. Any diversion from the intended location will be enough to constitute hijacking.

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