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Lawson and Berry is the premier Criminal Defense firm in the State of Georgia. Check out the case results and reviews on Lawson and Berry and you will quickly see why our Attorneys are top-rated Georgia Criminal Defense attorneys.

Lawson and Berry has over 50 combined years of criminal experience. Richard Lawson was trained as a prosecutor by the very same agencies that are prosecuting you and has abundant insight into the State's case that most other attorneys cannot offer. Berry's experience as a public defender also gives her an edge that most attorneys do not have.

Your case is not something you should trust just anyone with. With every lawyer has to go to law school and pass the bar exam, that does not mean they are all equally as good at practicing criminal defense. General practitioner offices handle all sorts of law but do not have the extensive knowledge of criminal defense that your case deserves. Because Lawson and Berry is entirely devoted to criminal defense, you know you are getting the best defense available to you.

There is no part of the criminal justice system that isn't familiar to them. They are just as comfortable going to court as negotiating out a plea deal. There are lots of attorneys that do not like to going to court and will make sacrifices when you would have done better going to trial. You do not have to worry about that with Lawson and Berry. Whether plea bargain, motion, or trial, Lawson and Berry will make sure that you get the best defense possible. 

Their trial experience ensures you will have the most effective and zealous advocate standing by your side through the entire process of having a criminal offense pending against you. Lawson and Berry are available 24/7 to their clients and have open lines of communication with them at all times. They believe that each client deserves the best defense possible and that has led to their overwhelming success in criminal defense.

Please read our case results and see why our clients trust us and give us such high rankings. We understand choosing an attorney is a very stressful situation and we want you to be fully informed before you make a decision. Every case is different and it is difficult to receive the exact same outcome as somehow else. However, reading through attorney's case results are important for gauging an attorney. 

Some of our case results are listed below:

  • State v. BM

    March 2015

    The client was facing DUI and five child endangerment offenses. In Georgia, for each child endangerment offense, it is considered to be a separate DUI charge. She would have been declared a Habitual Violator from one arrest. The result was a plea to only the underlying DUI offense. All other char... Read On

  • State v. HC

    April 2017

    The client was charged with multiple counts of schedule II narcotic, involving multiple pills. After negotiating with the District Attorney, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor drug offense.  Read On

  • State v. NC

    August 2016

    The client was charged with a second DUI and driving on a suspended license. She had a jury trial and was found not guilty of all charges.  Read On

  • State v. AA

    November 2016

    The client was charged with felony invasion of privacy. He had been videoing woman in the bathroom at work and while they were nursing. After suggesting counseling and preparing a civil settlement for the victims, the client entered into a favorable plea bargain with no jail-time. Read On

  • State v. MR

    February 2016

    The client was charged with shoplifting. She entered into a pre-trial diversion program. Her case was dismissed and her record was restricted.  Read On

  • State v. KJ

    May 2015

    The client was charged with a tragic vehicular homicide of a passenger in her SUV. She was being represented by a public defender who had let her know of a plea offer for fifteen (15) years in prison. After negotiting with the prosecutor and brining into court mitigating scientific evidence, the ... Read On

  • State v. JG

    February 2014

    The client was facing a warrant application hearing on Aggravated Assault charges, a 20-year felony. After a hearing, the case was dismissed.  Read On

  • State v. CK

    September 2013

    The client was charged with multiple counts of distribute of schedule II narcotics.  The client was admitted into a treatment program in lieu of time in prison.  Read On

  • State v. BA

    October 2017

    The client was charged with disorderly conduct. He was also facing the possibility of more serious charged, including terroristic threats. After negotiating with the prosecutor, the client plead no contest to an offense that would not appear on his criminal record. He paid a $200 fine and walke... Read On

  • State v. TG

    May 2012

    The client was charged with DUI and fleeing or attempting to elude. Cobb Countys top DUI officer, Lt. Abbott was the arresting officer. Lt. Abbott followed the driver back to his hotel. The client was found not guilty of both the DUI and the fleeing charge.  Read On

  • State v MT

    September 2016

    The client was charged with theft of services and disorderly conduct in Dahlonega. The clients case was dismissed and he qualified for record restriction.  Read On

  • State v. JS

    February 2008

    The case was in Chattooga County Georgia, The client was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute. The case was tried before a jury and the client was found not guilty.  Read On

  • State v. AB

    September 2015

    The client was charged with a per se DUI in Cherokee County State Court. She was above the .08 legal limit. The case was tried before a jury, she was found not guilty. Read On

  • State v. RS

    July 2010

    The client was facing a probation violation, and the potential of serious jail-time. Kimberly was able to convince the judge to accept additional community service and counseling in lieu of time in custody. The client was reinstated to probation and successfully completed his sentence.  Read On

  • State v. MS

    January 2001

    The client was facing Armed Robbery charges, with a mandatory ten (10) years in prison. The client was found guilty of Strong Arm Robbery and sentenced to two (2) years in work release.  Read On

  • State v. KH

    November 2014

    The client was a repeat offender DUI arrestee in Athens-Clarke County. He was facing 45 days in jail, followed by a strict DUI Court Program. The client was found not guilty of all charges.  Read On

  • State v. TD

    May 2012

    The client was the victim of a fire at his home. When the authorities arrived, they learned of a substantial grow room, where he was manufacturing marijuana. He was facing prison time. Ultimately, the case was reduced to mere felony possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to probation as a fi... Read On

  • State v. KF

    January 2009

    The client was charged in Cobb County with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. She was one of three passengers in a vehicle. She turned down a plea offer that would have resulted in not having a record, as a matter of principle. She was found not guilty at trial.  Read On

  • State v. CH

    January 2003

    The client was charged with Aggravated Battery. The alleged victim blamed him for her broken hip. The case was heard by a 12-person jury in Gwinnett County, and the client was found not guilty of all charged.  Read On

  • State v. BC

    January 2011

    The client was facing a DUI trial in Paulding County. The case was completely dismissed after convincing the prosector to accept mitigating medical evidence.  Read On

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