Crimes Against Public Health or Morals

Crimes Against Public Health or Morals in Georgia

There are thousands of criminal laws that strive to protect our citizens across the United States. Every state in the United States has their own set of laws as well as the federal government. Some of the statutes criminalize certain actions in order to preserve public order, safety, and health. They are considered crimes against public health or morals.

At Lawson and Berry, our offices have been dealing exclusively with criminal defense for over 20 years. We can handle your case no matter the situation and have experience with Crimes against Public Health or Morals in Georgia. A conviction for a crime against Public Health or Morals will have a significant impact on you and your loved ones. Don't take a chance trying to represent yourself; let one of our experienced Georgia Criminal Lawyers assist you. We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case and will walk you through every step of the court process. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Crimes Against Public Health or Morals in Georgia Include:

Penalty for a Conviction for a Crime Against Public Health or Morals in Georgia

A conviction for a crime that falls under this category varies greatly depending on the offense. However, the majority of the crimes are considered felony convictions and include prison and fines. The prison time ranges from one year to twenty years and the fine could be $1,000.00 or $20,000.00. Because of the wide range of penalties, it is crucial that you retain a Georgia Crime Against Public Health or Morals Lawyer to help you through the process.

How a Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

One of the major benefits to having a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney is that they can try to work out a better deal with the prosecutor than you would get on your own. Whether it is trying to get the charges lowered or argue your innocence, your Lawyer can help get you a more favorable outcome. Every case is different therefore there is no defense that works for every crime. Your Georgia Lawyer will examine your case to determine what your best arguments are and seek to create gaps in the prosecutor's case.

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