Vandalism to a Place of Worship

Have you Been Charged with Vandalizing a Place of Worship in Georgia?

It is illegal to vandalize all places but places of worship have their own specific statute in Georgia. It is critical to be aware of the repercussions when charged with a crime. Even if it was an accident or misunderstanding, you need to hire a Georgia Vandalism Attorney in order to present the best arguments

Vandalizing a Place of Worship in Georgia

Under O.C.G.A. §16-7-26, a person commits vandalizing a place of worship when they maliciously deface or desecrate a church, synagogue, or other place of public religious worship.

Penalty for Vandalism of a Place of Worship in Georgia

A person convicted of vandalism of a place of worship in Georgia will be guilty of a felony. The penalty will be a prison term between one and five years.

Defenses to Vandalism of a Place of Worship in Georgia

It was unintentional: Georgia law requires that the vandalism was done maliciously. Evidence that it was a mistake or a misunderstanding would be greatly beneficial to your case. One of our Georgia Vandalism of a Place of Worship Lawyers can help develop this argument.

It was not a place of worship: Even though vandalism is a crime, if the place was not a place of worship, then you cannot be charged under this statute. However, there maybe another statute you could be charged under.

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