Computer Security Crimes

Computer Security Crimes in Georgia

Computer crimes have significantly increased over the past decades and it is important to be familiar with the offenses. Crimes related to computers require the assistance of an experienced Georgia Computer Security Crime Attorney. The offense is very technical and hiring an attorney could mean the difference between your acquittal or conviction. The Office of Lawson and Berry and their team of Computer Security Crime Lawyers in Georgia have over 50 years of criminal defense. They will fight tirelessly for your case. Contact them today to start preparing your defense today.

Computer Security Crimes Include:

Email Virus Distribution, Denial of Service Attacks and Other Prohibited Conduct: Crimes that involving email and viruses are highly technical. However, the crime stems from a person using a computer without permission and controlling it. Their action could be to modify something on the computer, prevent something from happening, or distrubuting a virus on the computer. 

Inducement to Install, Copy or Execute Software Through Misrepresentation: Computers perplex numerous people and many times people are unaware of what they should download. There is all kinds of software you can add to your computer and it can be overwhelming. A crime occurs when a person convinces another to install, copy, or execute software by misrepresentation. 

Use of Spyware, Browsers, Hijacks, and Other Prohibited Software: This is another crime that stems from a person uses a computer without authorization. A criminal offense has occurred when the suspect allows for spyware, browsers, or other prohibited software to be installed on the computer. 

Penalty for Being Convicted of a Computer Security Crime in Georgia

Computer security crimes are treated as felony convictions and come with a prison term ranging between one to ten years, a fine of no more than 3 million, or both.

Further, the victim can bring a civil suit against the defendant to recover any damages they suffered.

Georgia Defenses

Authorized User: Evidence that the defendant was, in fact, an authorized user would be a complete defense to some of these crimes.

Lack of Intent: If there is no evidence demonstrating that the accused had the intent to commit the crime, then your Georgia computer security crime attorney could use that either get the charges dismissed or the sentence lowered.

Evidence that Clear and Conspicuous Notice was Given to the Authorized User of the Computer: Any proof that notice was given and the notice was clear and conspicuous will help your Computer Security Crime Lawyer in Georgia negotiate and fight your case.

Lack of Evidence: Without evidence of the accused deceptively causing the copying and execution of software, then they cannot be convicted. It must be proved that they had the intent to misrepresent.

Unintentional Misrepresentation: If the accused was unaware that the information he provided to the customer was wrong or that the software was not necessary, that would be a sufficient defense. Your Georgia Computer Security Crimes Attorney could assist you in proving it was an unintentional action.

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