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No matter what crime you have been charged with, we can help! In our Georgia Criminal Law Library you will find every crime in Georgia and recent case law, defenses, penalties, and more on the topics.

The purpose of this Georgia criminal law library is to provide a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system in Georgia. While every crime has its own page, you will also find scores of information on the criminal process and procedures. Our goal in writing these articles was for you to understand exactly what is expected of you at each stage in the process. We wanted you to understand precisely what you were charged with as well as the penalties that coincide with it. Furthermore, we included possible arguments and defenses you can use to fight your case. However, even though we are giving you all this information, we encourage you to still call our Georgia Criminal Justice Lawyers. We have tried to break down every aspect of criminal law but it is still complex and technical. Please call us at any time to go over your case and discover how we can help you. 

The crimes are listed by category and the categories are:

  • Boating Crimes 
    If you are boating in one of Georgia's many lakes, there are some rules you need to be aware of. Boating crimes can be misdemeanors of felonies depending on the crime so it is crucial for you to understand the rules of the water. 
  • Computer Security Crimes 
    Crimes involving computers are on the rise every year and the law has to constantly evolve to keep up with these newer crimes. However, these types of crimes are heavily penalized, therefore, it is important to understand what is a crime and what isn't. 
  • Crimes Against People 
    Crimes against people cover a wide variety of topics and have gone on since the beginning of time. While you may be familiar with the majority of the crimes, there are likely some that you were not aware of. It is very helpful to take some time and look over what is considered crimes against people. 
  • Crimes Against Public Administration 
    Crimes against public administration are criminal acts that interfere with the ability of law enforcement officers to do their jobs. These crimes include bribery, giving a false name, obstructing law enforcement officers, and treason. 
  • Crimes Against Public Health 
    Crimes against public act were established to preserve public order, health and morals. These types of crimes cover lots of different topics and the punishments vary just as much. 
  • Crimes Involving Animals 
    Crimes related to animals are charged as misdemeanors or misdemeanors of a high and aggravated nature. It is important to understand the laws governing animals and how to best defend against such a charge. 
  • Crimes Involving Other Parties 
    Even if you were not the one that directly performed the criminal act or a crime was not committed, you could still be convicted of a crime. Crimes involving other parties can be confusing so it is important to hire a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney to assist with your case. 
  • Crimes Pertaining to People Under 21 Years Old 
    There are specific punishments and crimes for people under the age of 21. While you may not feel like an adult, you could face adult punishments. It is vital to understand your charges and to hire the best representation possible to help resolve your case. 
  • Criminal Neglect of the Elderly 
    The elderly are a special group of people and they get taken advantage of frequently. Crimes involving the elderly are highly penalized.  
  • Dangerous Drugs 
    Dangerous drugs are drugs not listed in any of the Georgia Schedules and are ones that require a prescription. It can be difficult to ascertain standard drug offenses versus dangerous drug offenses so check out the articles to find out what goes in each category. 
  • Drug Offenses 
    Drug offenses range from simple possession of drugs to manufacturing and trafficking of drugs. The penalties range misdemeanor charges to felony charges with significant prison time and hefty fines. 
  • DUI 
    DUI crimes are highly prevalent in Georgia and action must be taken immediately after a DUI arrest in order to preserve your driving privileges. There are numerous defenses that apply to DUI charges but the best advice is to hire a Georgia DUI Attorney. 
  • Fraud Crimes
    Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or fraudulent acts. Identify theft and other fraud crimes are widely publicized but it is important to know exactly what is considered a fraud crime and how you can defend against it. 
  • Georgia Criminal Defenses
    Georgia has tons of defenses that could apply to your case and help you get the charges dropped or a reduced sentence. However, not every defense applies each time so it can be hard to determine which defense is best. Let one of our Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys help you determine the best defenses for your case. 
  • Georgia Criminal Process 
    The criminal process in Georgia can be overwhelming and confusing to people not familiar with Georgia laws. We have tried to compile everything you need to do about the process but nothing replaces a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney walking you through every step of the process. 
  • Georgia Criminal Punishment 
    The punishments for crimes in Georgia vary greatly. Since every case is unique, there is no set punishment that always applies. It is important to know what the possible penalties are and how to avoid them. 
  • Interfering with Others and Authority 
    Crimes related to interfering with others and authority refers to a wide range of crimes. Bail jumping, burning of woodlands, escape, perjury, and treason are just some of the crimes associated with interfering with others and authority. 
  • Invasion of Privacy Crimes 
    No one likes their privacy invaded and Georgia laws try to protect this right. Invasion of privacy crimes are highly technical and are difficult to understand without an attorney. 
  • Obscenity and Related Offenses 
    Crimes that are obscene refer to offenses that are of a sexual conduct and go against contemporary community standards.  
  • Offenses Related to Judicial Proceedings 
    Crimes related to judicial proceedings are criminal acts that infringe upon a person's right to a fair administration of justice. These range anywhere from bribing a witness to destroying evidence. 
  • Property Crimes 
    Georgia property crime laws range from theft by deception to armed robbery and carry a wide range of penalties.
  • Sex Crimes 
    Sex crime penalties are very severe and the crimes are difficult to defend on your own. Being charged with a sex crime is a serious offense because a sex crime conviction in Georgia requires you to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. They also come with long prison terms and substantial fines. 
  • Traffic Violations 
    There are a plethora of ways you could receive a traffic violation in Georgia. While some of them are minor violations that just require a payment of a small fine others may cost you your license. Our Georgia Traffic Violation Attorneys can assist with any ticket you have received. 

To best utilize this resource, it is important to read through the articles in the Georgia Criminal Law Library. We have included invaluable information on each of the crimes and how to fight the charges. As the laws are constantly changing, you can rest assured that you will find the most up to date information on this site. We update our library daily to bring you the most relevant information. 

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