Unlawful Removal of Baggage

Have You Been Charged with Unlawful Removal of Baggage in Georgia?

Crimes against public health and morals are wide-ranging and include offenses such as gambling, hijacking, smoking in public places, and removing baggage without permission. No matter what you have been charged with, our attorneys can help. Remember, a charge is not the same as a conviction. There are always defenses that apply to your case. Call now for a free case evaluation.

Georgia Law on Unlawful Removal of Baggage from Freight or Bus

O.C.G.A. § 16-12-124

It shall be unlawful to remove any baggage, freight, container, or other item transported upon an aircraft, bus, or rail vehicle or stored in a terminal without consent of the owner of such property or the company or its duly authorized representative.

Georgia Case Law

A man was traveling to Atlanta from Las Vegas when the plane had to make an emergency stop in Arizona. He was separated from his bag, but the accused picked up the bag from the luggage carousel. The victim testified that he never gave the accused permission to pick up his bag. Therefore, the suspect was convicted of the unlawful removal of luggage. Keita v. State, 285 Ga. 767, (2009).

The Penalty for Unlawful Removal of Baggage in Georgia

A person convicted of unlawful removal of baggage in Georgia will be charged with a felony punishable by a prison term between one and five years.

Beyond the prison term, a felony conviction will have significant consequences on your future. After you have served your time, it can be difficult to obtain housing, employment, or credit. If charged with this crime, it is critical to hire an unlawful removal of baggage lawyer in Georgia.

Georgia Defenses to Unlawful Removal of Baggage

Permission to Pick Up Luggage: Evidence that you had permission from the owner to possess the baggage would negate an essential element of the crime. Your attorney would seek for the case to be dismissed.

Lack of Evidence: There has to be enough evidence to warrant a conviction. Without evidence, your lawyer will move for a dismissal of your case.

Innocence: An alibi or other proof demonstrating that you could not have committed the crime as charged would be greatly beneficial in your case. If this defense applies to you, contact one of our unlawful removal of luggage lawyers in Georgia today.

These are just some of the numerous defenses that could be applied to your case. Every case is different, and there are plenty more arguments we can make on your behalf. Call now, and we will start preparing your best defense!

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