Intentionally Interfering with Safety or Traffic Control Devices

Have You Been Charged with Intentionally Interfering with Safety or Traffic Control Devices in Georgia?

Safety and traffic control devices are a critical party in our everyday lives. When a traffic signal is out, people are confused, and traffic becomes unbearable. That is just one of the reasons why Georgia heavily punishes interfering with a traffic control device. However, we at Lawson and Berry understand that accidents happen and people are wrongfully charged all the time. Do not give up on your case from the beginning. There are always defenses and arguments that an experienced Georgia Intentionally Interfering with Safety and Traffic Control Attorney now. Call us immediately for a free case evaluation.

Georgia Law on Interfering with Traffic Control Devices in Georgia

There are two separate ways a person can disrupt a traffic control device:

  1. The first way occurs when a person intentionally disables or inhibits the operation or effectiveness of a properly functioning safety device, or
  2. The second way is when a person intentionally renders a traffic control device inoperable or partially inoperable.

The Penalty if Convicted of Intentionally Interfering with a Safety or Traffic Control Device in Georgia

A conviction for interfering with a safety or traffic control device in Georgia will result in a prison term between five and twenty years, a fine up to $100,000, or both.

The accused will be guilty of a felony. Felony convictions also come with long-lasting consequences. It can be difficult to obtain housing, employment, or credit with a felony conviction of your record.

To avoid the severe consequences, contact our Georgia Interfering with Safety or Traffic Control Devices Attorneys now for a free consultation.

Defenses in Georgia

Lack of Intent: To be convicted, there must be evidence demonstrating that you intentionally interfered with the device. A lack of proof can result in your being dismissed. Additionally, your Georgia Intentionally Interfering with a Safety or Traffic Device Attorney's job is to create holes in the prosecution's arguments, and this is a great one.

The device was not rendered inoperable: If the device was not hindered or affected in any way from working correctly, then this would be a great argument to present. However, you could still be charged with an attempt or another crime. If this applies to your case, contact one of our Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers today.

What are not Defenses

The device was not completely inoperable: Even if the device was not entirely unusable, the accused could still be charged with a crime. Evidence showing that the traffic control item was even partially inoperable may be enough to sustain a conviction.

I was unaware it was a traffic control device: While the Court has not directly ruled on this, it is likely that they will look at whether a reasonable person would have known it was a traffic control device. This argument is unlikely to hold up in court.

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