Prescription Drug DUI

Have you Been Arrested for a Prescription Drug DUI in Georgia?

Everyone knows that there are risks of being arrested for a DUI when consuming drugs or alcohol and then driving. But few people realize they can be arrested even when taking legal prescriptions. The majority of people consider drug use to be illegal substances like marijuana or cocaine. However, it can also include prescription drugs. Numerous people take prescription drugs on a daily basis and do not realize that their driving is impaired. Even if the prescription is legal and you are taking the correct dosage, you could receive a DUI for prescription drugs in Georgia if an officer thinks your driving is compromised. Just to be clear, this does not just talk about abusing prescription drugs; it includes operating a vehicle while taking medicines as prescribed.

The Office of Lawson and Berry has extensive experience with DUI defense and have defended hundreds of Georgia Prescription Drug DUI cases. Our expertise is unparalleled, and we understand how to resolve prescription drug DUI cases successfully.

How Can Prescription Drugs Affect My Driving?

One thing to note is that it is not a defense that you were taking medicine as legally prescribed. Many types of prescription medicines can impair your driving even when taken as prescribed. Some examples include Xanax, Nyquil, Antihistamines, Decongestants, Antidepressants, and sleep medicines. All of these prescription medicines can impair your driving and give officers a basis to charge you with a DUI. Some examples of how prescription drugs can affect your driving include:

  • Inability to focus
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Delayed reactions
  • Nausea 

Some people run into trouble when they mix alcohol and prescription drugs. Prosecutors wrongly assume that a combination of drugs and a small amount of alcohol lead to significant impairment. Our Georgia Prescription Drug Lawyers frequently work with medical experts and pharmacists to demonstrate that alcohol would not amplify the effects of the medicine.

Issue with Blood Tests and Prescription Drugs

Blood tests are tricky with prescription drugs because they can detect medicine even though you are no longer under the influence of that medication. An example of this is Ambien. If you took it Monday night to help you sleep, Ambien could still be detected in your blood and urine the next day even if you aren't under the influence anymore. The key issue is whether the medications you are taking made you less safe or unsafe to drive. Whether or not you were an unsafe driver is a judgment call that police officers often get wrong. Our Prescription Drug Lawyers in Georgia know the difference between officer mistakes and possible impairment. 

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While it may seem absurd that taking prescription drugs could lead to a DUI arrest, the truth is that taking any prescriptions that impair your driving is illegal. If you have been charged with a prescription drug DUI in Georgia, you need legal representation. For more than 20 years, the Law Office of Lawson and Berry has defended people charged with DUIs. Contact us today for a free case evaluation

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