Masturbation for Hire

Have You Been Charged with Masturbation for Hire in Georgia?

Many people automatically associate sex crimes with Law and Order SVU, but in reality, some people are wrongfully charged and do not receive a fair chance because people deem them guilty from the beginning. Lawson and Berry and their team of Georgia Masturbation for Hire Attorneys have over 25 years of criminal law experience and are here to help you. Our Lawyers genuinely care for you and want to make sure you receive a fair trial. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Georgia Law on Masturbation for Hire

A person engages in masturbation for hire in Georgia when they erotically stimulate the genital organs of another by manual or another bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse or by instrumental manipulation for money or another consideration. It does not matter whether the action resulted in orgasm or not. O.C.G.A. §16-6-16

Case Law on Incest in Georgia

The accused appealed a conviction for masturbation for hire. Evidence was presented, including testimony, that the accused fingertips stroked the base of a man's penis and his scrotum during a massage. It resulted in him getting an erection. The Court ruled that at that movement, the criminal act was complete. Therefore, the conviction was affirmed. Harwell v. State, 237 Ga. App. 226, (1976).

Penalty for a Masturbation for Hire Conviction in Georgia

A person convicted of masturbation of hire will be guilty of a misdemeanor. The punishment will be a fine up to $1,000, jail time up to one year, or both.

Defenses to Masturbation for Hire in Georgia

It was forced: Masturbation for hire requires that the accused accepts money or another form of payment for their action. If you were forced to commit the masturbation, then you cannot be guilty of masturbation for hire.

There are numerous arguments a Georgia Sex Crime Lawyer can make on your behalf. We will spend hours combing through all of the evidence in your case to see how to make the law work in your favor. We will interview witnesses, watch police videos, read case law, and even hire expert witnesses if we need to. All possible defenses will be explored to ensure your rights are protected. 

What are Not Defenses

I didn't receive any money: Even if you do not receive any money, you can still be convicted of masturbation for hire. Accepting other consideration or something else of value will be sufficient.

The person did not orgasm: According to the statute, it is immaterial as to other or not the person has an orgasm or not.

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Masturbation for hire in Georgia carries a significant amount of prison time and is not to be taken lightly. A charge is not the same as a conviction so let the Law Office of Lawson and Berry and their team of masturbation for hire Lawyers in Georgia help you with your case. We have over 25 years of experience in criminal law so let our experience work for you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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