Criminal Neglect of the Elderly or Disabled

Criminal Neglect of the Elderly or Disabled Offenses in Georgia

Georgia has numerous laws related to senior citizens to ensure they are protected. While there are numerous situations where elders are abused or neglected, there are also situations where residents accidentally accuse the wrong person or are mistaken about what happened. Lawson and Berry and their team of Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys understand the complexities that coincide with elder law cases and are here to help you.

Georgia Offenses Relating to Criminal Neglect of the Elderly or Disabled

Cruelty to a Person 65 Years or Older: Occurs when a person willfully deprives a person who is 65 years or older of health care, shelter, or necessary sustenance.

Exploitation and Intimidation of Disabled Adults, Elder Persons, and Residents: Disabled adults and elder persons require a lot of attention as they get older. They become dependent upon others to help. Georgia law understands this and criminalizes the exploitation and intimidation of disabled adults and elder persons. This can occur when a person knowingly and willfully exploits a disabled adult, elder person, or resident.

Neglect to a Disabled Adult, Elder Person, or Resident: It is illegal for a person who supervises the welfare of a disabled adult, elder person, or resident to willfully deprive them of health care, shelter, or necessary sustenance. If convicted under this law, it will be treated as a felony conviction. 

Penalty in Georgia

These crimes carry heavy penalties including years in prison and fines up to $50,000.

Georgia Defenses

Lack of Intent: There must be evidence that the defendant knowingly and willfully exploited, inflicted physical pain, or deprived them of essential services. If the suspect was following orders or did not intentionally do these actions, then that is a valid defense.

Wrong person: There are occasions where an elder person or disabled adult may accuse the wrong person of committing the crime. Any evidence that demonstrates who actually was the wrongdoer or an alibi would be greatly beneficial to support this claim. 

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