Bribery of a Contestant

Have You Been Charged with Bribing a Contestant in Georgia?

While many states have begun to legalize various types of gambling, Georgia still considers all but three types to be illegal. Georgia's gambling statutes are comprehensive. If you have been charged with a gambling crime in Georgia, it is essential to have a Georgia Gambling Lawyer on your side. 

What Is Bribing a Contestant in Georgia?

O.C.G.A. §16-12-33 states A person who gives, offers, or promises any reward, money, or other thing of value to anyone who participates or expects to participate in any amateur or professional athletic contest, sporting event, or exhibition or to any coach, trainer, manager or official in such athletic contest, sporting event, or exhibition with intent to influence such person to lose, try to lose, or cause to be lost or to affect the margin of victory or defeat in such athletic contest, sporting event, or exhibition commits the offense of bribery of a contestant.

Penalty for Bribing a Contestant in Georgia

The penalty for bribing a contestant is a fine between $1,000 and $5,000, a prison term between one and five years, or both. It will be a felony conviction. 

Defense to Bribing a Contestant in Georgia

Bribing a contestant requires that the action is made with the intent to influence the person to lose, try to lose, or affect the margin of victory. If there was no intent to sway the person, then there cannot be a crime. However, proving this can be difficult. You need the assistance of a Gambling Lawyer in Georgia to demonstrate you lacked the intent to commit a crime.

Every case is different, and no one defense is guaranteed to work in every situation. That is why you must speak with one of our experienced Attorneys so they can develop a plan that best suits your case.

What is Not a Defense in Georgia

It is not a defense that the game, event, or race was not lost due to the bribery. Simply affecting the margin of victory or defeat will be sufficient to be convicted of bribing a contestant.

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