Computer Password Disclosure

Have you Been Charged with Computer Password Disclosure in Georgia?

Computer crimes, also known as cyber crimes, include many diverse offenses ranging from computer theft to phishing scams, to credit card fraud, and intellectual property violations. It can be difficult to ascertain the subtle differences between each crime, so it is important to hire a Computer Password Disclosure Attorney in Georgia. The legal system is tough difficult to navigate on your own and particularly challenging when the laws concerning a crime are vague. Contact our Georgia Computer Password Disclosure Lawyers today to see how we can assist with your case.

What is Computer Password Disclosure in Georgia?

Under O.C.G.A. §16-9-93(d), a person commits computer password disclosure when they disclose a number, code, password, or other means of access to a computer or computer network knowing that such disclosure is without authority and which results in damage (including the fair market value of any services used and victim expenditure) to the owner of the computer or computer network in excess of $500.00.

Penalty for Computer Password Disclosure in Georgia

A person convicted of computer password disclosure in Georgia will receive a fine up to $5,000, up to 1 year in prison, or both.

However, if a person or property was injured because of the password disclosure, the victim may sue to recover any damages sustained and the cost of the lawsuit. Damages can include loss of profits and any expense the victim had to pay because of the disclosure. However, the amount of restitution ordered cannot exceed the damage done to the victim.

Georgia Computer Password Disclosure Defenses

It was unintentional: If you accidentally disclosed information and you can prove that it was unintentional, that would be very helpful. A Georgia Computer Password Disclosure Attorney would be vital in establishing this defense.

No damage resulted from the disclosure: If no damage can be proven from the disclosure, then the defendant cannot be guilty of computer password disclosure.

The damage was less than $500: Computer password disclosure applies when the value of the damage is greater than $500.00 If it is less than $500, then it cannot be computer password disclosure, but you could be guilty of another crime.

Innocence: An alibi or other testimony proving you could not have committed the crime would be highly beneficial to your case.

What are Not Defenses

There was minimal damage: To determine damage, the court will consider the fair market value and the victim's expenditures. If the damage is greater than $500, then it will be regarded as a crime.

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