Inciting to Insurrection

Have You Been Charged with Inciting to Insurrection in Georgia?

Acts against the government are heavily penalized from both the state and federal level. In addition, encouraging others to take action against the government is a serious crime. If charged with inciting to insurrection in Georgia, the consequences are severe. Lawson and Berry and their team of Georgia Inciting to Insurrection Lawyers have decades of experience and know how to defend your case successfully. Contact our offices today for a free case evaluation.

Georgia Law O.C.G.A. § 16-11-3 reads as follows:

A person commits the offense of inciting to insurrection when he incites others to overthrow or attempt to overthrow the representative and constitutional form of government of the state or any political subdivision thereof and he or they commit any violent act in furtherance thereof.

The elements of inciting to insurrection are (1) inciting others to overthrow or attempt to overthrow and (2) they commit any violent act in furtherance of it. Therefore, there must be both the inciting and a committing of an act to be convicted.

The Penalty for Inciting to Insurrection in Georgia

A person convicted of inciting to insurrection will be guilty of a felony punished by a prison term between one and ten years. In addition, inciting to insurrection is not a bailable offense unless a superior court judge orders a bail to be set.

A felony conviction extends beyond prison and fines. Having a felony on your criminal record can make it difficult to obtain housing, employment, and credit.

Georgia Defenses to Inciting to Insurrection

There are always Georgia Criminal Defenses we can use to defend your case. Evidence that you were coerced in acting such a way would be helpful to your case.

Also, both elements have to be proven to be convicted. Therefore, if you may have inciting insurrection but there was no violent act, then you have not committed a crime. Similarly, if a violent act occurred but there is no evidence that you incited the actions, you will not be guilty of inciting to insurrection.

No matter your situation, our Georgia Inciting to Insurrection Lawyers can help.

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