Serious Violent Offenders

Serious Violent Offenders in Georgia

Georgia has separate penalties for those convicted of serious violent felonies. If charged with a serious violent felony in Georgia, you need an experienced Georgia Serious Violent Felony Lawyer in Georgia immediately. Do not waste any time in contacting us. Time is of the essence. Call now.

What is a Serious Violent Felony in Georgia?

Georgia code O.C.G.A. §17-10-6.1(a) states that “serious violent felony” means

What is the Punishment if Convicted of a Serious Violent Felony in Georgia?

A person convicted of a serious violent felony in Georgia will face a punishment of the death penalty (for murder only) or life in prison.

However, there are exceptions to this. A person convicted of kidnapping a victim 14 years old or older or armed robbery shall be sentenced to a minimum of ten years in prison. No portion of the mandatory prison sentence can be suspended, stayed, or probated by the sentencing court. In addition, it cannot be reduced by any form of pardon or parole. O.C.G.A. §17-10-6.1(b)(1)

A person who was convicted of the serious violent felony of:

  • Kidnapping involving a victim less than 14 years of age;
  • Rape;
  • Aggravated child molestation;
  • Aggravated sodomy; or
  • Aggravated sexual battery

shall be sentenced to life in prison or receive a split sentence. The split sentence would include a mandatory prison term of at least 25 years followed by probation for life. No portion of the mandatory prison sentence can be suspended, stayed, probated, deferred, or withheld and it cannot be reduced by pardon or parole. O.C.G.A. §17-10-6.1(b)(2)

If a person has been sentenced to life in prison, they will not be eligible for early release or parole until they have served at least 30 years in prison. O.C.G.A. §17-10-6.1(c)(2)

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