Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Eavesdropping Devices

Have you Been Charged with Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Eavesdropping Devices?

Eavesdropping devices are becoming more and more common. The public often worries about their words being recorded. In Georgia, the only people allowed to use these devices are law enforcement officers. However, many people have these devices. It is a felony to be convicted of possession, sale, of distribution of eavesdropping devices. However, a charge is not the same as a conviction. Lawson and Berry and their team of Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys never assumes guilt and is here to help you with your case. Contact us today to start preparing your defense.

Georgia Law on Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Eavesdropping Devices

Georgia defines “eavesdropping device” as any instrument or apparatus which by virtue of its size, design, and method of operation has no normal or customary function or purpose other than to permit the user thereof secretly to intercept, transmit, listen to, or record private conversations of others.

O.C.G.A. § 16-11-63 states that other than law enforcement officers permitted to employ such devices, it shall be unlawful for any person to possess, sell, offer for sale, or distribute any eavesdropping device. 

Penalty for a Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Eavesdropping Devices in Georgia

A conviction for possession, sale, or distribution of eavesdropping devices will be a felony conviction punished by prison between one and five years or a fine up to $10,000.00, or both.

Although felony convictions carry prison terms or fines, the consequences stretch even beyond that. Having a felony conviction on your record can affect you obtaining employment, credit, housing, etc. While it may seem like a minor crime, the consequences are severe. 

Georgia Defenses for Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Eavesdropping Devices

Unaware they were eavesdropping devices: If the suspect was unaware, the devices were intended for eavesdropping, that could be a defense.

What are not Defenses

I was not selling the device: Even possession of eavesdropping devices will be enough to be convicted.

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