Impersonating Another in the Course of an Action, Proceeding, or Prosecution

Have you Been Charged with Impersonating Another in the Course of an Action, Proceeding, or Prosecution in Georgia?

There are multiple crimes associated with impersonating another. One such crime relates to court proceedings. In Georgia, it is illegal to impersonate a witness in a case. If charged with this crime, you need the assistance of a Georgia Impersonating Attorney today. The lawyers at Lawson and Berry have over 50 combined years of criminal defense experience. All of our Georgia Impersonating Another Lawyers are prepared to assist you now with your case.

O.C.G.A. §16-10-96 outlines impersonating a witness in Georgia

A person will be guilty of impersonating a witness when they falsely represent or impersonate another and in such assumed character, answer as a witness to interrogatories or do any other act in the course of any action, proceeding, or prosecution or in any other way, matter or thing. Furthermore, the impersonation or representation might result in damage, loss or injury.

Penalty for Impersonating Another as a Witness in Georgia

A person convicted under O.C.G.A. §16-10-96 will face a penalty of one to five years in prison. The charge will be considered a felony conviction. The consequences of having a felony conviction on your record extend beyond jail time. Felony convictions follow you the rest of your life. It can make it difficult to obtain housing, employment, or credit. Don't let a mistake follow you the rest of your life. Contact one of our impersonating a witness lawyers in Georgia today for assistance.

Georgia Defenses for Impersonating Another as a Witness

There was no circumstance if which the impersonation could result in injury, loss, or damage: If there is evidence demonstrating that the representation could in no way damage the victim, then you may not be guilty of a crime.

I was the intended witness: If you were wrongfully charged with this crime because you were the expected witness and you did not impersonate another, that is a complete defense to this crime.

The case was completely over: If the appeal had been finalized and there was no other action or proceeding, then it would be a defense.

What are not Defenses

The person was not harmed, or there was no loss: The statute does not say that the damage or loss had to occur. Instead, it says the impersonated victim might suffer damage, loss, or injury. Therefore, if there were a chance they would experience one, all, or two of those, then they could be guilty of a crime.

The original case was over: If the original case is over, but the defendant appealed, then the official is still unable to receive money. The appeal must be finalized.

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