I initially contacted Mr. Lawson's firm about a terrible situation I was in. I was charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence), DUI Child Endangerment and Failure to Maintain Lane. This would have been my 5th life time DUI but with the Child Endangerment DUI this would have been my 5th and 6th life time DUI. Mr. Lawson answered all my questions and got me in touch with one of his associates immediately. His associate drove to Athens to meet me in person and to talk about my case. Mr. Lawson's firm negotiated an excellent outcome for my case. The DUI and DUI Child Endangerment were both dismissed as well as the Failure to Maintain Lane. I was charged with Reckless Driving ONLY. I could not believe this outcome. This was potentially my 5th and 6th life time DUI and his firm was still able to get the case reduced to just Reckless Driving. I received NO JAIL TIME, a fine and other conditions. An overall miracle outcome. I am still in shock. I thank Mr. Lawson for taking my call. He is the owner of the firm and HE PICKED UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY. I would never hesitate to hire his firm again or recommend his firm to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.

– Charles

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