My prayers were answered

Richard never wavered or showed any lack in self-confidence. I was treated with respect and professionalism (start to finish) regardless of what I viewed as a very embarrassing mess I found myself in. I felt valued and appreciated. Richard explained the process step by step as well as any options and other possibilities, in detail, and answered all my questions clearly and precisely. He made sure I understood completely. Richard was almost always available at a moment's notice and answered all my calls personally. In the rare times I had to leave a voice message, he replied as soon as he was able and explained why he had not picked up my call right away. Richard did a thorough job in reviewing all my ticket information, police video, and other due diligence. He was quick and timely with the letters and forms that needed to be filed with the court (some immediately). I felt I was in very capable hands and mind from first contact with Richard. He does not waste any time, yours, his, or anyone else's and is direct and right to the point. Richard was very comfortable and effective in his contact with the Officer and Prosecutor. He also communicated with me by e-mail, fax, mail, and any other means necessary ways in order for him to get information to me and vice versa. I had no office visits therefore less time off from my job. He doesn't say anything untrue or paint a pretty picture, however, you can trust in his words. I felt confident with Richard. He kept me feeling encouraged and I kept my faith in his efforts. The results of my case spoke volumes around all of his abilities and hard work. I am thankful I met Richard and would highly recommend him.

– David

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