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IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A DUI CALL MR. LAWSON!!! I am a former military service member and currently a Federal Employee with a security clearance. I was pulled over in Georgia, arrested refused the breath analyzer, and was charged with DUI. I found Mr. Lawson's website, which had many outstanding reviews and gave him a call. Mr. Lawson was professional and courteous and guided me throughout the entire ordeal. He really takes his job serious and he sincerely cares about his client's well-being. He remained this way throughout the entire ordeal. He always returned my calls promptly. Mr. Lawson used his skills to guide me through the pretrial sequence of events, which I followed to the letter. Today, I do not have a DUI on my driving record and I owe this to Mr. Lawson's keen senses and knowledgeable skills with dealing with the laws and judicial system in Georgia. He understood the ramifications of losing my security clearance and he applied a no-nonsense strategy to clearing me of the charge. I normally do not do write reviews, but I decided to write this one because I wanted people to know, if they are charged with a DUI, without a doubt to hire Mr. Lawson. This is a no-brainer; this gentleman is a top-notch attorney and definitely one of the best around. I promise, you will be glad you did!

– James W.

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