The ONE Call You Should Make for a DUI Attorney

After receiving a DUI Less Safe citation, I scoured the net searching for the best possible attorney knowing the “world of hurt” a DUI conviction would mean to my future. Richard Lawson wasn't one of the best; instead, he stood head and shoulders above ALL other Atlanta area attorneys in the Metro Atlanta area. His DUI-specific experience was formidable, and it's why I chose to contact him. A short telephone conversation later, I chose to retain him. And I wanted him, not one of his associates… even though an associate would have been less expensive. This proved to be a very wise move. From the outset, it was obvious that Richard was well acquainted with the ENTIRE DUI landscape, as well as the “players” involved, from judges to solicitors to toxicologists. Additionally, he knew the steps to take to strengthen our case, including the retention of an expert witness in toxicology. That knowledge bore fruit, as after eight months of back and forth, my charges were reduced to Reckless Driving and Driving Too Fast for Conditions. All along the way, Attorney Lawson kept me informed. In cases where I'd contact him by phone or email, he would always respond the same day. If you need DUI representation, I do not believe you can choose a more skilled advocate.

– Jared

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