Writing this review from my home, not from JAIL

First Mistake: getting into trouble with the law; Second Mistake: Hiring anyone else other than Richard Lawson as your attorney. For whatever reason you are looking for an attorney you need look no further. I was arrested for a third DUI-Less Safe in 5 years and there WAS NO HOPE FOR MY CASE. I was facing a year in prison and within ten minutes of walking into the courthouse...I walked out a free man. I still am not sure how this happened, but it did. I was so terrified and was convinced I would not be going home that day because Georgia State Law requires a minimum custody period. As I walked out of the courthouse and climbed into my car I could not believe I would be sleeping in my own bed that night. If your case has no hope like mine did...give it the best chances you can and hire Richard Lawson. Do Not Make A Second Mistake!

– Matthew from home not jail

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