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In July of 2011, I was charged with my first DUI. Mr Lawson was able to have that charge completely dismissed. My blood test took 4 months to come back: and was .118; well over the limit. Having a valid drivers license is a requirement for my job. Losing the license would mean losing my job. Mr Lawson's first advice was to recommend that I go ahead and complete the requirements for the charge as if I were found guilty including completion of the DUI course, 80 hours of community service (even though the penalty for 1st time offense is 40 hours, Mr Lawson recommended that I get 80 hours) and an assessment to determine if I needed substance abuse counseling. Mr Lawson then talked to the prosecutor before the arraignment and was able to work out a deal that involved a fine and reduced the DUI charge to a city ordinance violation. Not only did I not lose my license - but nothing will show up on my driving record. During the wait for my BAC to come back, Mr Lawson was always available to answer any questions I had. The weekend before my arraignment, my wife and I were quite anxious. He was very patient and took calls from both me and my wife. Taking the time to answer the questions that we both had. Despite the fact that it was a weekend, he encouraged us to call him back at any time if we had more questions. I honestly believe that I could not have asked for better legal representation.

– Phillip

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