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When I was charged with DUI and Drug possession I knew I was in jeopardy of losing everything I valued in life. My job, family and life was on the lines of destruction. Mr. Lawson came to my aid. He gave me his personal cell number. He returned every voice mail, text message and answered the phone during my case. His skillful lawyer tactics got me results that even I did not think possible. He believes in his clients even when dead to the wrong. He will work for you and he is genuine. I felt like my best friend was in my corner. He was able to get my DUI dismissed and reduced to reckless driving AND he also got my drug possession charge totally dropped!! Not to mention during this process I never lost my license and nor did I not have to serve any jail time even with a past criminal record. There is no doubt that Mr. Lawson will fight for you, even when the odds are against you. He communicated his every move to me and was very responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. The outcome of my case has given me a second chance. It has given my family a second chance. He has preserved everything that I value including my freedom. He has truly been the turning point in my life! Truly! Mr. Lawson thank you so much. May God continue to bless you and your family as you are definitely a blessing to a lot of lives. Your hard work and dedication will never be forgotten.

– S.J.

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