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Alleged Burglary Ring Uncovered in Recent Atlanta Police Department Investigation

Posted by Richard Lawson | Nov 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Atlanta Police Department has reported that they have busted a crime ring operating out of Atlanta. So far, there have been four arrests. 

Deputies believe that the four individuals have been the center of a burglary ring that has been responsible for breaking into and stealing valuables from storage units. In fact, the investigation began after there was an increase in storage unity thefts. Everything from hunting equipment to antiques were stolen. 

In today's post, I will take a deep dive into explaining the law behind burglary in Georgia.

Burglary in Georgia

The statute for burglary in our state, O.C.G.A. §16-7-1, is a long law and can be confusing. To make it simple, Georgia Law says that if a person enters into someone else's home or another building, such as a storage unit, without their consent and with the intent to commit a felony or a theft, then he or she is committing burglary in Georgia.

As a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney, it is important for me to clarify that burglary does not entail just the commission of theft - a person does not need to either commit or attempt to commit a theft. It is unlawful in Georgia to enter the dwelling house of another or any other structure of another without consent or authority with the intent to commit any felony. 

These felonies can include but are not limited to:

The law breaks down burglary into two separate degrees. Both degrees are felonies and have the same sentencing guidelines. The legal difference between first-degree and second-degree burglary is that the structure itself has to be designed for use as the dwelling of another with first-degree burglary. For second-degree burglary, the statute is identical, however, the crime includes entering any structure, without authority, intending to commit a felony or theft therein. 

Practice Note

Felonies are not to be taken lightly. A felony conviction can change every aspect of a person's life. Felony Punishments in Georgia are serious, and anyone facing criminal prosecution has the best chance with a Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Felony convictions make it difficult to obtain housing, credit, employment, etc. If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact our offices today.

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