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Closer Look at the Law Behind Shoplifting After Arrest of Ex-UGA Football Player

Posted by Richard Lawson | Aug 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

Ex-UGA offensive lineman, Dyshon Sims, was arrested at a Walmart in Athens after he being accused of bagging extra items in a self-checkout line.

According to reports, a Walmart security officer reported that Sims placed over $100 worth of items into his shopping bag, but only paid for the $50 worth of items he actually scanned. Sims has been charged with shoplifting in Clarke County.

If the reported facts are true, this is actually a very common form of shoplifting in the state of Georgia. The offense of shoplifting also takes the form of: 

  • Walking out of a store without paying for items
  • Altering price tags
  • Concealing merchandise
  • Switching price tags

As a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney, I work frequently with theft cases. There are a plethora of types of theft according to Georgia Law. Theft can include theft by taking in Georgia all the way to theft of services in Georgia. Today, I will focus on the offense of shoplifting.

Shoplifting in Georgia

Georgia law defines shoplifting in Georgia as:

Performing certain actions with the intent of taking merchandise without paying for it or depriving the owner of possession of the merchandise or its value. O.C.G.A. §16-8-14.

Shoplifting can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony offense based on the value of the item or items stolen. The Court will also take any aggravating circumstances and repeat offenses into account. The dividing line is typically $500.

Practice Note

Regardless of whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge of shoplifting in Georgia, the consequences are severe and will impact your future. Hiring a Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer can make all the difference. 

We specialize in Georgia Criminal Defense and can help you to mitigate your penalties or get your case dropped if there was a wrongful accusation. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with committing a criminal offense in the state of Georgia, contact our offices today.

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