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Dawson County DUI Lawyers Richard Lawson and Kimberly Berry are devoted to DUI Defense in Dawson County, Hall County, and Forsyth County.  For more than 20 years our office has been exclusively devoted to DUI Defense throughout North Georgia.  Richard Lawson is a former North Georgia DUI Prosecutor who uses that experience to help his clients get the best possible outcomes.

As in any situation, you need the right tool for that job.  You should hire an attorney that knows the local judges, prosecutors, and the police officers. Richard Lawson was trained by the same people prosecuting the case against you and knows what it takes to defend your case. Our results and reviews can be found on AVVO, Yahoo, Citysearch, Kudzu, and Google. We have the reputation for being the top-rated DUI defense practice in Georgia.

To defend our clients we bring experts to the table in field sobriety testing, breath-testing, toxicology, and accident reconstruction.  All our attorneys receive extensive training on the latest legal and factual defenses that may apply to your case.  Everyone in our office attends seminars and presentations throughout the year in order to stay on top of the latest issues in our DUI laws.  Richard Lawson teaches many of these continuing education classes to other lawyers and investigators throughout the State of Georgia.

You are not alone and your situation is not hopeless.  Being arrested does not mean you are guilty of DUI.  Our offices have successfully defended thousands of DUI cases.  Contact us today.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even holidays.

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The time is now to start preparing your defense! Many times people lose the opportunity to put on their best defense because they wait. The importance of hiring a lawyer from the very beginning cannot be overstated! Waiting allows for witnesses to leave the area, evidence to be lost, and memories to fade. All of these have a direct effect on the successful on your case. The time to begin your case and start prepping your defense is now! Contact us today to put on your best Georgia criminal defense!