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The Law Office of Richard Lawson is devoted exclusively to those charged with DUI, and for more than 20 years, Richard Lawson has defended people charged with DUI in Marietta and throughout Georgia. His practice is exclusively devoted to DUI defense and related offenses such as weaving over the roadway, speeding, failure to maintain lane, following too closely, reckless driving, and hit and run.

Our law office is the top-rated and most reviewed law office in Marietta, Cobb County, and Georgia.  Reviews of our office can be found online at AVVO, Yahoo, Google, and Citysearch.  Our results speak for themselves.  If there is a legal or factual defense to your case, we will find it.  Whether though negotiation, filing of motions, or through a jury trial, we will find the best possible outcome.

As a former DUI Prosecutor Richard brings experience from both sides. It pays to know what the Prosecution is doing, and Richard Lawson has the experience to investigate your case and find out if there are defenses.  Defenses can be procedural or factual, and that is why our office employs experts in police procedures, as well as experts challenging the breath-testing machine used in your case.

A DUI can have a serious impact on your future.  It can affect job opportunities, your school record, and your privilege to drive.  However, an arrest for DUI is not conviction. Contact Cobb County DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson 24/7. Your case will not defense itself.

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The time is now to start preparing your defense! Many times people lose the opportunity to put on their best defense because they wait. The importance of hiring a lawyer from the very beginning cannot be overstated! Waiting allows for witnesses to leave the area, evidence to be lost, and memories to fade. All of these have a direct effect on the successful on your case. The time to begin your case and start prepping your defense is now! Contact us today to put on your best Georgia criminal defense!