Richard Lawson managed the impossible... unbelievable!!

I never thought I'd be in this situation again... a second DUI. By the time I got home from my arrest there were already mounds of DVDs and solicitations for attorneys in my mailbox. Luckily for me, a friend recommended me to Richard Lawson. I called him, and he immediately calmed me down and laid everything out for me straight. The personal attention he gave me was overwhelming. He was always available for me to talk about my case and never made me feel like I asked stupid questions - which I know I did. Well, I am here to tell you right now - my court case was just this morning and I felt compelled to write - Richard Lawson managed the impossible. He kept me out of jail and gave me the ability to keep driving... COMPLETELY unheard of in a second DUI arrest, charges dropped to what someone might receive for a very first conviction. What happened to me was a horrible mistake, one I will never make again, but somehow Mr. Lawson gave me a new lease on my world. I work in the faith-based and humanitarian world in television, and Richard and his team gave me the ability to continue my work. My parents cried when they heard today's outcome. I'm not sure what else to say except, thank you, thank you, thank you, Richard Lawson.

– Mike

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