A lawyer that does his best

A year ago i was charged with a 2nd dui. Mr. Lawson was able to get me to keep my license for over a year while all the paper work went through the court system. Anytime a had a question he answered his phone, emails, ect. He is a great guy and will fight for you like he was saving his own life. Witty, smart, intelligent, very understanding and responsive. I have not one bad thing to say about this guy. The bottom line with Mr. Lawson is that he can not work miracles, but when he represents you he will do so as if you were his own wife, daughter, son, or family. This means your best shot is with this guy. 90 percent of lawyers will lie, take your money, not give a crap about you, and not fight for you in the least. Well Mr. Lawson charges what he is due, fair, honest, and fight for his clients giving you the best chance you have compared to thousands of other scum bags who call them selves lawyers. I highly recommend Mr. Lawson, any day, any time, any where. By the way, he was so involved with helping me out he even offered take care of some of the court costs, ha, you wont find that with any other lawyer i promise you that.

– Mr. Wildes

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